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Forensic Pursuit’s Denver office has welcomed two new Forensic Analysts onto their team. Adam Henba and Andy Jacobs joined us toward the end of last year and have since been using their talents to help move Forensic Pursuit forward.

Adam Henba graduated in May of 2015 with an Associates of Arts in general studies, emphasizing in Political Science. As a competent professional with proven skills and abilities, Adam has a refined attention to detail, dedication, and a growing technical expertise, with a focus on digital file encoding, information systems and digital media and database management.

Adam is a self-taught, avid technologist, and has experience working for one of the top law firms in Colorado, where he honed his technology skills. When he’s out from behind his desk, Adam enjoys traveling the globe and hitting the slopes.

Adam Henba

Andy Jacobs brings an energetic disposition to the Forensic Pursuit team. With the ever changing world of technology, his dedication to new fields has helped the team expand its reach in computer forensics.  With his passion, Andy is constantly learning new operating environments, testing strategies, and tweaking work flow on the interpretation of data. 

When Andy is not solving the mysteries of the world, he is an avid sports fan. Hailing from Ohio, he follows The Ohio State Buckeyes and Columbus Crew FC, and plays soccer as much as possible. If he is not found outside exploring the many food scenes in Denver, you can find him at a coffee shop reading up on the latest technology.

Andy Jacobs

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