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Forensic Pursuit Welcomes Two New Senior Analysts

Forensic Pursuit’s Denver office has welcomed two new Senior Forensic Analysts onto their team. Jen Snodgrass and Tracy Lu joined us this summer and have since been using their talents to help move Forensic Pursuit forward.

Jen graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice Studies, emphasizing in Political Science. In her early years, she always had an interest in criminal and civil law, and while in college became aware o...

Forensic Analysts Become Licensed PI's

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We are excited to announce that the forensic analysts within our company are all currently licensed Private Investigators and are bonded, and our company is also now licensed in Texas.

Obtaining a Private Investigator license is no easy task. From state compliance to piles of paperwork, a person has to invest a lot of time into becoming licensed. The PI license is fairly sought after as many in law enforcemen...

A Party 10 Years in the Making

It's Party Time! You're Invited!

Celebrate our 10th anniversary at Rio Grande LoDo from 4-8pm! Enjoy appetizers, drinks and a silent auction benefitting the Tennyson Center for Children<...

Are You Accepting Hand Drawn Fingerprints?

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Are You Accepting Hand Drawn Fingerprints?

What would you do if the opposing party showed up on court day and presented a hand drawn fingerprint as "evidence"?

I'm betting you would object.


 Because obviously it's not an authentic fingerprint.

Here's a startling fact:

Everyday this type of "evidence" is being submitted in court rooms all over America... 

With one major difference...&nbs...

Mobile Forensics

Sync or Swim

apple products

Recovering deleted data is the most requested mobile device service we receive at Forensic Pursuit. We commonly dig through phones and tablets searching for deleted text messages, call logs, photos and more. Due to our expertise and the tools available to us, our chances of finding deleted data is greater than it is for others, but sometimes, no matter how hard we look, that information simply isn’t there. What happens when what we’re seeking is...

What data can be recovered from iPhones?

what data can be forensically recovered from an iPhone

iPhone data recovery

Every week I get requests from attorneys trying to understand what data can be recovered from a iPhone, or really any mobile phone.

Recent news about apple and the FBI has added a lot of confusion to this question.

So I wanted to clarify for you, an attorney so when you get one of these devices in the office and the question comes up here is a brief outline:

*note  - this is as of today.  Technology changes rap...

Computer Forensics

A Tragic Story That is Hauntingly Similar to Today's Cases

Glen Ford

Thirty years ago a man was convicted of a murder he did not commit.  He served thirty years on death row before being exonerated of the crime.

Two of the prosecutor’s star witnesses were “expert” witnesses.  

One was the coroner who later admitted that he never even examined the body! 

The other was a police officer who identified himself as a fingerprint expert - but had no credentials.

The man&...