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Typically about 3 hours from start to finish.

We recommend allowing us a full day to complete a collection on a hard drive.

Technically, you probably could.  However can you stand behind it when it's challenged in court?  How did you verify the data was collected?  How did you authenticate the data?  

Once we verify you are the rightful owner of the equipment, yes, we can technically crack the passcode on most phones. However we cannot guarantee this for all makes and models of phones.  

This depends on the level of encryption. Full disk encryption such as Microsoft BitLocker and Macintosh FileVault require a decryption key or password.  Other file or folder level decryption is typically able to be defeated.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover the exact data that you are looking for.  There is no way for us to determine prior to the examination what data will reside on the hard drive or in memory. 

Absolutely.  Contact our team to get a custom quote 866-498-3420.

Yes, if the device is marital property that was purchased with marital funds. You may need to prove that you have the legal right to access the data on the device.

Technically we can recover the email. However, the question is whether you have the legal right to access the information. We recommend that you have a legal document that allows you permission to obtain the data.

This depends on the level of damage to the hard drive.  Under most circumstances we can recover data from the drive and even have the drive repaired.  If the hard drive is destroyed, there is no way to fully recover the data from it.

This depends on the level of damage to the phone.  On many occasions we have been able to recover data from broken and damaged phones, even phones that have been submerged in water and melted in fires.   

Yes, we have the capability to recover data remotely on iPhones and iPads using Apple’s iCloud backup software.

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