Nearly all data is stored on electronic devices nowadays...
and the amount of evidence is growing richer by the day. You need an expert that understands what data can be recovered, where to find it, how to preserve it and explain what it means in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

What do we do?


If it’s on electronic media, we can collect it.


A simple, affordable review platform for your matters.

Analysis & Investigations

Analyzing digital information for the past 10 years. We leave no byte unturned.

Expert Testimony

Experts in communicating with judges, juries and attorneys.


The world of digital information moves pretty fast, keep your staff up-to-date on the latest. CLE approved.


We provide professional guidance to help you understand the data.

Our offices are strategically located in Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Nashville, and Albuquerque, allowing us the unique ability to quickly provide ON-SITE service anywhere in the United States.