Analysis and Investigations

We leave no bit uncovered.

Imagine going to the beach to find the perfect small pink conch seashell for your bookcase. The task seems daunting at first, staring at what appears to be an endless journey of sand, shells and other ocean relics. Preparing yourself with a shovel and a sand filter will certainly help you find the shell much faster. Knowing what beach and where on the beach to look will ultimately determine your success.

Digital forensics is quite similar. Analyzing digital information is a highly technical skill set that requires a tenacious level of scrutiny and careful planning. There are 1000’s of artifacts to be potentially explored and data to be correlated.

If it stores data, we can analyze it.


• Servers
• Laptops
• Desktops
• Tablets
• Phones
• Social Media
• Cloud Storage
• GPS Navigation Systems
• Backup devices
• External Hard drives

• USB thumb drives
• System logs
• Network logs
• Email
• Social media
• Fitness trackers
• Door locks
• DVR & Surveillance systems
• Thermostat Controls

• Home assistant (Alexa)
• Alarm systems
• Automotive Systems
• CD ROM’s
• DVR systems
• Video game consoles
• Audio Recorders
• Video Cameras
• SD Memory cards
• Drones

Common Searches:

• Photos
• Videos
• Audio
• Voice Mail
• Web History
• Files copied or transferred

• Email history
• Text messages
• Malware
• Spyware
• File erasing
• Chat