Our hosting platform is the perfect solution for matters that you need to review, but your budget does not meet the needs of a full E-Discovery solution.

Hosting platforms for E-Discovery

What hosting provides for your matter:

• Processing files, emails
• Searching for the relevant data
• Analytics to help you understand the data
• Review, tag, redact, comment and Bates labeling on the documents
• Produce exports and reports for court and opposing parties

Hosting platforms for E-Discovery

Our hosting solution is the perfect fit for 75% of all matters:

• Up and running the next day
• Simple user interface
• Surprisingly inexpensive
• No per user fees
• No software to purchase
• 2 hours of technical support included

Partner Hosting & E-Discovery:

When your matter needs a team to ensure it’s success, we recommend working with one of our E-discovery partners.

Litigation Solutions Inc Hosting and E-Discovery with Forensic Pursuit

Catalyst Hosting and E-Discovery with Forensic Pursuit

Marathon Document Solution with Forensic Pursuit

Centurion Discover Hosting and E-Discovery with Forensic Pursuit

LDM Global Hosting and E-Discovery with Forensic Pursuit

Hosting platforms for E-Discovery

What’s the right solution for my matter?

We’ll ensure that we help you find the right solution for your matter, whether we use our hosting platform or work with our industry partners.

Determining the right hosting solution is based on a few criteria:

  • What type of data will be reviewed?
  • How much data will be hosted and processed?
  • How long do you need the data on-line for?
  • How many people will work on this matter?
  • Are the documents in foreign languages?