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Chief Business Officer

Melinda Redenius, Chief Business Officer

Melinda Redenius

Melinda has worked in litigation, computer forensics, and e-discovery since 2000 and is an Access Data certified forensic analyst.  The combination of her legal training and experience and her forensics capability gives Melinda keen insight into the complex and delicate situations facing our clients.  She uses this insight to ensure we provide our clients with timely, litigation focused expert services.  

In addition to performing collections, Melinda enthusiastically promotes Forensic Pursuit across the nation, developing and maintaining client relationships, representing Forensic Pursuit at trade shows, conferences, and special events, and building relationships with legal and industry partners.  Melinda manages the Forensic Pursuit clientele and workflow, and directs our teams resources to provide our clients with high quality and efficient forensics services, whether the case is complex and long term or short notice and simple.